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Andy Cook

i will to remember

love is all there is? then why
do we hurt each other? they please

to please themselves stepping on
crushing breaking toes feet bones

bodies souls. eyes closed running
in circles, the flightless

weightlessness of now, that sinking
yet flying feeling of not knowing

where i'm going. the mind can change.
life mind power grabbing stabbing

dream time will bend to your
will if you will it. will you

will to grab this life and steer
it to there? there not being there.

the land over yonder under the blanket
of all you see. look

and remember why we decided to come
here in the first place, to remember

who we are. i don't know. we forgot
a long time ago, all in the name of

love and the hammering out, the creating
of love, the love of creation, the not

concentrating too much on what was
created but more on what's being created

now in this bat of an eye
glancing at myself. our faces hide us

from each other. i try to look at faces
as tools but i still shake down to my

cells squirming dangerously close to
the edge of exploding. my joy will fall

down, snow on christmas eve. a blanket
on the ground, pure as tears, glad as

light, shimmering on trees,
ice slides of truth. time has let me go.

time never stopped me. i saw infinity
under the blanket. when i'm not looking,

i forget what i'm looking for. when I was
a kid i saw the incomprehensible. i

watched my people run in circles. they
forgot. they forgot to look under the

damn illusion. it's amazing, maintaining
silence, especially these moments. we

should try to talk, about this, this
remembering. we don't have to sleep to

dream anymore. there's no difference.
it's the same plane of reference. it's

love, energy, the absolute. does energy
have personality? we do. did we develop

it? was god? the nothing in perfect
harmony? i would've gotten bored. i did.

we did. i shouldn't have to say it but
I will anyway. not a seam not a single

stitch in the room between you and me.
i'm starting to know why we did this. i

have to keep repeating it to myself. and
yet, the song changes every time

i sing it, tightening more each time
through. it makes sense. i ride the wave,

as far as it goes. i wake up. i've forgotten
it again, a dream i can't quite

catch up to. but i'm gonna think about it
every day till i remember.

andy cook 3 - 19 - 07

copyright (c) 2007 andy cook



a flood this music of time drenched sweating all
like a dog hot summered heat low brow ow how did we
get here this way through the bushes and trees and
of brambled vines and what why does it matter as
as it works and it's been working all this time on a

vibration flashing bright vibrations low down deep
the core of space and time to the land to the sky to

the water vibrations fragrant spring wind cool on my

neck I breeze through this life despite obstacles I
breeze vibrations send me there to where I want to
to here to where I am vibrations send me

Andy Cook 3 - 20 - 07

Copyright (c) 2007 Andy Cook

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