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Jack Shea

Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Filmmaker and Friend  - Jack Shea - 1948-2004 -

"No one owns Jack Kerouac. Jack Kerouac is a spirit embodied in words, in honesty, in art, in truth, in life. Anyone who reads Kerouac participates in that spirit but no one owns it. It's free for the taking. ...The fight for ownership of the physical stuff of Kerouac is interesting only insofar as it is an ironic illustration of the suffering and transience inherent in material things, which Jack wrote about and knew all his life, but that's as far as it goes. "

October 10, 2004

We had sadly come to know that, Jack Shea, Producer and Director of the film "Who Owns Jack Kerouac" passed on in an accident at his home in Scotland.

For those of you who didn't know Jack Shea, besides being one of the most gentle, passionate-compassionate caring souls on the planet, was a brilliant poet singer songwriter and filmmaker. His film, "Who Owns Jack Kerouac?" is a necessary masterpiece. one of the most important films ever produced on Jack Kerouac and his daughter, Jan Kerouac.

The film faces head on, the life and work of one of World Literature's most significant writers. Necessary questions are asked. Multi-faceted responses to the Kerouac ownership debate, to the lives, works, and deaths of father and daughter are presented. Original members of The Beat Generation are quilted with a new generation of poets and writers. But the film is more. Through Shea's brilliant production "Who Owns Jack Kerouac" becomes an epic Whitmanesque Road poem, terribly tragic, awesomely beautiful.

Jack founded Scotland's Film School out of which was born TRAINSPOTTING & other works of genius.

I will always remember our collaborations our visits our friendship! He was a gentleman & a scholar. I will miss him dearly! Jack, wherever you are, I send My Love to You!!!

love and blessings
Ron Whitehead

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