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Greetings Fellow Insomniacathonians, Antinomian Allies of The Global Literary Renaissance, Family and Friends of The Flame!

On November 25, 2004, Insomniacathon On-Line! (www.insomniacathon.org) embarked on a "new way" of bringing to you the forefront of Poetry and Music that you have come to know from the legendary Ron Whitehead annual live marathon performances that he ran successively for over a decade till 2003.

Since our launch in 2004, Insomniacathon On-Line! has brought audiences from Nepal to Australia, from Dublin to Tokyo and from Paris to Paducah to join us in celebrating our Art along with over 50 countries from around the World!

And as this ongoing celebration of Poetry, Music and Visual Art persists,I again thank all of you that have contributed and know that your offerings continue to inform, inspire and enlighten an ever exponentially expanding Global audience and sustains in the pace and tone that has made it into the truly unique internet experience it has become!

"Calendar dates do not confine experience, the date receives it's due from the experience."

And thus, the experience continues!

Peace all around,

James Walck


We welcome you all to continue to join us at

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Insomniacathon On-Line! will continue to evolve and morph as we make our way through this Life and Time. Be sure to check News, New & Of Note where you'll find the latest happenings from our friends and family in the Poetry, Music and Art world. We invite you to enter The Galleria where you will find the latest offering's in music, spoken word and visual art.Check back often as we'll update with the latest and greatest happenings as they cross our desks here at www.insomniacathon.org!

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-Frank Messina and Dave Amram perform the Kerouac classic at Insomniacathon 2003--------------Read Dave's "My Bhudda Angel From Chengdu" letter and poemlyric penned after the "Beat Meets East" Conference in Chengdu, China, June 2004. - Click Here! ---

On June 8th 2002 Frank Messina's first book of poetry "Disorderly Conduct" was released. The Release and Book Signing Party was celebrated at Kelly's Pub in Tappan, NY. To view Frank's reveal of "Disorderly Conduct", read the poem and more - Click Here! ----------------Robert Creeley, one of America's most celebrated poets and a leading figure in the literary avant-garde, passed away on Wednesday in Odessa, Texas. He was 78. Click Here for more.

-On Thursday, Feburary 10th, Playwright, Arthur Miller passed on. Click Here to read his friend, David Amram's, reflect.----------------Philip Lamantia, one of the four members of "The Jazz/Poetry Trio" (Lamantia, Jack Kerouac, Howard Hart and David Amram) passed on March 7th. His friend and fellow Trio member, David Amram, looks back fondly with his reflect . . . Click Here to Read. " FOR PHILIP LAMANTIA."


On April 9th, Dave Amram attended a final farewell to his old friend Lucien Carr, Read Dave's warm reflect of Lucien and his reverberation of the timeless truth of that living "Now" is always the right time. - Click Here to read, "What is Born of Spirit is Spirit." - --------------- The Royal Court, Come and be Bestowed Beat! at www.lordbuckley.com!


In the early Spring of 2003, Ron Whitehead, NYC poet, Frank Messina and fellow Kentuckyians Andy Cook and Sarah Elizabeth crossed the Atlantic on The War Poets Tour. In observence of yet another year of "Poetry Amidst a World of Struggle" Click Here to see and hear their experiences, Also shortly after their return from Europe, poets and musicians from around the globe converged for an evening of celebration with Frank Messina at The Spoken Motion 10th Anniversary Bash! at The Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. Click Here to see and hear the festivities from this grand evening of Spoke n' Roll! -------------- With a Pink Moon over The BPC, Ron Whitehead joins the Frank Messina and Spoken Motion 10th Anniversary celebration with "I Will Not Bow Down!"

Ron Whitehead re-vamps with this one at Howlfest 2004! -------------- Seven years later, old friends do it again in Louisville at Insomniacathon 2003



List of Celebrants at Insomniacathon On-Line!

David Amram,
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Libby Ackerman, Adam Watson, Laura Thompson, Noel Woosley, Sydney Gayle Maddox, Marie Countryman, Dean McClain, Ron Whitehead, Lee Ranaldo, Dylan Whitehead, Charlie Newman, Frank Messina, Amanda Johnston, Marshal Pierce, III, David Minton, Susan Gerardi, James Bickers, Borders Books, Rani Newman, Dr. Robert Kleiner, Mark Reese, Wes Jensen, Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead, Elizabeth Jasper, Zoe Artemis, Michael Dean Odin Pollock, The David Amram Trio, Andy Cook, Jeremy Hogan, James Walck, Tyrone Cotton,The Rascals of Ragtime, Paul K, The Smokey Bay Blues Band, The Bowery Poetry Club, Bruce Weber, WFPK, mind2hands, Janice Walck, Alan Gunn, Bunkie Lynn, Ed Heflin, Jason Eisenberg, Bettye Brookfield, Al Aronowitz, John Kusak, Foster Dickson, Matthew Rishaw, Thomas Burns,Esq. OctoPoet, Hot Tuna, Bunny Sigler, Jeffrey Knapp, Christopher Wright, Rob French, George and Verna Luikert and Dan Barth.

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Insomniacathon On-Line! has compiled a list of Links to International and Domestic Relief Agencies and Organizations who tirelessly strive to spell suffering and help those who can't help themselves. Do what you can For Humanity. Click Here To Learn More!

A Kentucky Christmas Poem, from "3 Beats, Kentucky Suite"  -  Watch "Mama"  - Click Here! -

Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac - AudioPlay adaptation of the Patrick Fenton play "Kerouac's Last Call" - Click Here to Learn More, Link and Listen to Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac!

Long time friend and compatriot, David Amram, shares a touching reflect of his good friend. Click Here To Read his reflect "For Odetta".

On The Griot Trail - Bowery Poetry Club founder, Bob Holman and Kora sensation (and Griot guide) Papa Susso's 7-week journey through Senegal, Gambia and Mali to capture the culture, sights and sounds of endangered languages. Click Here To Join Bob Holman and Papa Susso on their fantastic journey!

Pix, Clips and Page from kindred Keepers of The Flame! Join us in celebrating the LifeArtSpirit of Allen Ginsberg! Click Here to Enter!

Astrologick At Insomniacathon! - is a weekly astrological report by Gary Paul Glynn that offers intelligent people another look at astrology, one that utilizes the planets and signs in the way they were meant to be understood, not just fortune cookies. Click Here To Read this week's Forecast of Astrologick!

As The Poets and The Players make their way from The Heartland to The Cities and Beyond they bring back their Sights, Sounds and Stories from The Road. Click Here for their recounts and Learn Why . . . Travel Is Fatal!

On Sunday, December 11th 'Ode to the Sidewalks of New York Jazz & Poetry Reading' will happen once again hosted by legendary musician, composer, author David Amram & his Trio at the Bowery Poetry Club. - Click Here For More Info! - ALSO View Pix and Clips from May's Ode Celebration!

Dave Amram Birthday Special! Click Here for VidClips, Pix and Debut Mp3's from  the new CD "The Long Road To Nowheresville!"

On Sunday, Feburary 20th, Writer, The Gonzo Journalist, Kentuckian and Friend, Hunter S. Thompson headed on from this world to the next. Click Here to read the emotes, reflects, rants and raves coming in to Insomniacathon On-Line!

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In the Spring of 1994 at The Kentucky Center for The Arts in Louisville His Holiness,The Dalai Lama, gave poet, Ron Whitehead, a message for him to share with young people of all ages thoughout the World. That message was the inspiration of the Ron Whitehead poem, "Never Give Up." - Click Here to Learn More about the story behind the inception of the Ron Whitehead poem, "Never Give Up!"

"The Mets Poet" Frank Messina turns his love for America's favorite past time into SpokeSoul Baseball Prose! Click Here for Pix, Vids, Poems and News that's uniquely "Messina, The Mets and Everything Poetry!"

Jack Shea - Filmmaker, Poet, Songwriter, Friend.  - Click Here for More -





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