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Frank Messina

Disorderly Conduct
to the people of the world

You’re all under arrest
for giving in to your oppressors
anything you don’t do or won’t say
can and will be used against you

You are hereby charged with
Complacency in the First Degree
Possession of Ambivalence
and failure to obey a distress signal
by your fellow citizens

You have the right to remain violent
shouting down the Big Machine
with words of rage till daybreak
instead, you crouch down in silence
drinking, smoking, choking
while your own family stands on trial

You have the right to bear arms up
against the cold, steel face of injustice,
break down barbed walls of dogma,
You have the right to burn your burkas,
the straitjacket, the suffocating drapery
smothering your daughters’ dreams

You have the right to make a left turn,
you have the right not to be straight
you have the right to do the right thing
but you’re all guilty, guilty of everything!

You have the right to
“not go gentle into that goodnight”
you have the right to fight,
to break open the pale face of Hatred
and shut it down once and for all

All human race

You have the right to
steal the keys to Freedom’s door
dangling from Tyranny’s drooling jaw
you have the right to infiltrate, to violate
to launch a coup d'état

You have the right to break-in and enter
instead, you break down and bolt
abandoning naked children
lying, dying, crying
beside the crooked gates of hell

You have the right to overthrow the king
whose castle’s walls your own hands built
you’re all guilty, guilty of everything!

Guilty of lethargy
guilty of medicating your life away
from harsh truths that daylight brings
guilty of talking the talk
but not walking the walk

guilty of not working for peace
guilty of not working for peace
guilty of not working for peace

Get against the wall!

You’ve been condemned
and convicted by the people
for your crimes against them

Look up at the sun
through blindfolded eyes
until it hurts you to see
Remember those you betray
and remember, you’re guilty
guilty of everything!

copyright 2001, Frank Messina

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With his all-star group, OCTOPOET, featuring Scott Murawski (of Max Creek), Robbie Gordon (of Gil Scott-Heron's Amnesia Express), Souren Baronian, Victor Jones, Jay Roosa (of PaPa HooDoo) with special guests David Amram, Tyrone Cotton, Ron Whitehead, Dawn Lorentz take the party toThe Turning Point February 16th.

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The New CD from Frank Messina and Ron Whitehead!

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" Walking Home"

Includes Frank's Mets poems, Playing for the Mets and Just a Game. This album features Kentucky legend Ron Whitehead, country music singer Sarah Elizabeth, blues singer Tyrone Cotton and Andy Cook. An eclectic spoken word and music album.

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Frank Messina and Dave Amram perform the Kerouac classic at Insomniacathon 2003

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Messina and Amram at Insomniacathon 96'  -  New Orleans

Seven years later, old friends do it again in Louisville at Insomniacathon 2003

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