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David Amram - Beat Meets East

This unique event was held June 2-5, 2004 at The University of Sichuan in Chengdu, China. In Chengdu, David was a keynote speaker and featured performer at this international conference, 'BEAT MEETS EAST', which celebrated spontaneity as one of the key elements and the driving force that influenced some of the best work in all the arts that emerged in the 50's.

While celebrating this historic event with students, scholars, performers and artists from all around the World, David penned this introspect in the wee hours one morning, in his new found "2nd Home" in Chengdu.


My Bhudda Angel in Chengdu

It's 5 a.m. in Chengdu China
I can't sleep
a wink

Staring out the window
water drips on dishes
in the sink

A bike goes by
a young gal sits
side-saddle on the back

looks like Buddha's angel daughter
sent from heaven
dressed in black
She glances up
her dark eyes
make the morning come to life

Suddenly I realize
long ago this angel
was my wife

Wanted now to tell her
when we married
many years ago

That I never would have left
her if I knew then
what I now know

Waited for what seemed
1000 years to see
those eyes again

Hoping someday I could tell her
that our love
would never end

Never dared to tell her then
because of all the love
we shared

It was more than I could handle
even though
I really cared

Now it's many lifetimes later
here in Chengdu
5 a.m.

My favorite wife
from an earlier life
the sweetest one of all of them

Once she told me in our lifetime
our true love
would never die

And that even if I left her
Buddha's angel
still would fly

Now she tells me broken hearts
will all heal themselves
in time

And that all the pain I caused her
now is gone
except for mine

Now in Chengdu
through the window
she's come back to me again

Riding on the back seat
of a bike
side-saddle with her friend

Guess that since she passed me by
there's only one thing
I can do

Get myself a new gal
and a bicycle
that's built for two

When in this reincarnation
when I've found
a brand new bride

Maybe I'll find out
it's Buddha's angel
riding by my side

Telling me wherever
we have been
and through whichever life

Through all our reincarnations
she has always been
my wife

Now it's 7 in the morning
Chengdu streets
are filled with light

I'm still staring out the window
as the day
is growing bright

Waiting by the window
need to see
my true love's eyes again

when she rides by
on her bicycle side saddle with her friend

Then I'll tell her that I love her
this time I know
what to do

Waiting by the window
for my Buddha angel
in Chengdu

Copyright David Amram New Chamber Music / BMI 2004 . David Amram


New! On Sunday, December 11th 'Ode to the Sidewalks of New York Jazz & Poetry Reading' happened once again hosted by David Amram & his Trio at the Bowery Poetry Club.

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Also of Note from "Beat Meets East"

Poet, Author, longtime friend and collaborator, Ron Whitehead was scheduled to present "Calling The Toads: The Antinomian Fire This Time" but was unable to attend the conference due to health concerns.Although not there in person, Ron's website, presented the Mp3 premiere of "Calling The Toads: The Antinomian Fire This Time" for the "Beat Meets East" conference and the internet community at large, June 3rd, 2004. Click Here to listen to the Mp3.

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