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Astrologick Weekly Forecast Report
January 1 - 8, 2010

Intent and Resolve

For many people, the New Year represents a leaving behind of the old and a willingness to embrace newer – and hopefully – better ways to live in the world. Such a willingness is often attached to New Year’s resolutions involving the need to find a new job, lose weight, quit smoking, save money, reduce debt and a host of other worthy endeavors. Some individuals might direct their intentions and resolve into other forms of personal improvement, perhaps taking a yoga class, learning a craft or studying a new field.

The cynical among us often see New Years’ Eve as a time when resolutions are made, only to be abandoned before the month is up. Even with the best desires and intentions, our plans and programs often fall by the wayside, lacking a sustainable follow-through to keep them at the forefront of our consciousness and activities. This isn’t always due to a lack of will power as much as it is a case of bad timing.

Seeing New Year’s Day, in and of itself, as an auspicious time to begin anew can be misguided, if not detrimental, to the outcome if geocosmic cycles aren’t in agreement as well. This isn’t to say that making New Year’s resolutions is necessary a waste of time, only that we should redefine the direction and implementation of our intentions to reflect the larger cycles involved with the commencement of 2010.

The most basic and immediate cycle in our experience is described by the Sun and the Moon in relation to one another, as seen from Earth. The Full Moon Eclipse on New Years Eve marked the culmination of the waxing phase of the Moon which began on December 16. The Moon also begins its two-week waning cycle on December 31, accompanied by an ebbing of the psychic tide until the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on January 15. In other words, there isn’t enough forward momentum to sustain new enterprises over the long haul when the Moon is decreasing in light. This isn’t to say that resolutions should be avoided, only that we direct our intentions towards completion while learning how to let go.

New Years resolutions are best focused on the waning side of the equation in the way of completion, assimilation and release than on beginning anew. This means stuff you want to get rid of: addictions, habits, attitudes, relationships, pounds, clutter, useless stuff, etc. The first week of January points to a time for assessing what needs to go and what stays, consolidating gains while looking for ways in which to minimize losses. On January 7, our focus is best directed towards completions and final touches; eliminating things that no longer serve their purpose in our lives and otherwise clearing the decks for the tide to turn. There will be better conditions in which to venture out to sea after the Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse opens a fresh cycle on January 15 and we have the wind at our backs.

Once we move into the second half of January, the Moon will begin to take-on more light – a favorable state to involve yourself in new projects and initiatives. Not only could the three days following the New Moon Eclipse be the most auspicious starting point for 2010, but there will also be better clarity and less guesswork with Mercury turning direct on January 15.

Oh yes, the other fly in the ointment of intention involves the retrograders. Factor-in Mercury retrograde until January 15 and Mars retrograde until March 10, and you have squirrelly conditions tagging along into the New Year. Both of these planets can gum up the works of our intentions if they’re embedded in our initial efforts. A cautious approach is warranted if our desire is to make anything happen at the turning of the year. Mercury retrograde is famous for misunderstandings, misplacements, oversights, glitches, short-circuits, delays and repeats when we go up against its flow. In other words, chill. Be observant. Assume nothing.

With Mars retrograde until March 10, navigation via autopilot isn’t recommended if you don’t wish to find yourself undone by the Unanticipated. Things may NOT operate the way they “always do,” so actions based on this assumption could prove to be a frustrating and costly experience. Actions and activities are best directed inwardly, refining your approach and observing what gets you going. Acting out of a reactive impulse in order to “make something happen” is likely to yield nothing but disappointment and frustration. This isn’t to say you should do nothing, just to observe the subconscious urges behind your actions and motivations as they are very close to the surface at this time. You can also use Mars retrograde to refine your approach, adjust your timing and focus your intention.

Concerning other critical astrological signatures that characterize 2010, I’m currently working on an overview that I hope to have completed soon. But for now, the focus is best placed on our footing as we cross into a brave new year. Peace begins at home. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Lunar Gardening Report

This isn’t the best week for planting, transplanting or fertilizing as we come away from the December 31 Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer where the biodynamic life-force is way too charged to plant or fertilize in. This continues until after the Cancer Moon enters Leo Friday night, which then presents a different gardening challenge due to Leo in a fire sign, followed by the less-than-fertile Virgo Moon until Wednesday; neither Leo or Virgo are auspicious for planting or fertilizing. Stick to weed and pest control. Look to the Moon’s transit of Libra on Wednesday – the last best opportunity to plant before the Moon enters its Last Quarter Moon on Thursday. Taking other factors into consideration, the next best time for feeding, repotting and/or getting stuff in the ground won’t roll ‘round again until January 18.

Daily Forecast (For all signs)
(Times are Eastern/-0500 UTC)

Friday, January 1, 2010: Here on the first day of the second decade of the third millennium, we’re still experiencing the aftershocks of yesterday’s supermoon eclipse while setting our sights on immediate plans and projects for the year ahead. The Cancer Moon may have us sticking close to home with more attention being paid to family concerns and security needs. Late morning shows a lunar alignment that encourages activities off the beaten path while the Moon’s entrance into Leo suggests a playful holiday weekend.

Saturday, Jan. 2: Creative self-expression is strong today under the Leo Moon, and lacking major or minor aspects, you have nothing standing in your way or helping you along. It’s all about you! Those of you up late tonight might notice a creeping sense of restlessness, irritability or even anger emerging after the midnight. Be mindful of your surroundings as well as other drivers if you’re out on the roads during the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Sunday, Jan. 3: With the Leo Moon moving opposite Neptune and Jupiter this afternoon, the door to your creative imagination is wide open, favoring artistic pursuits as well as taking in a movie, a concert or a good book. As the Moon will be void-of-course (VOC) between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m., avoid making promises you intend to keep.

Monday, Jan. 4: The holidays are over and we start of the first work week of the new year while the Virgo Moon is there with schedules, tools and an eye for detail as we prepare to dig in. Keep in mind that Virgo’s ruler, Mercury is currently retrograde even as it forms an inferior conjunction with the Sun (Mercury is directly positioned between the Sun and the Earth), suggesting important news, announcements, pronouncements, decrees and edicts issued from on-high. Anything put forth at this time is likely to be amended or even retracted as time goes on. Even so, this is an ideal time for close study and deep concentration. Harmonious lunar alignments this evening to Venus and Mercury favor long conversations, particularly with partners and significant others.

Tuesday, Jan. 5: As retrograde Mercury joins Venus in Capricorn, the focus may fall on issues surrounding the value of something – particularly as it relates to money, career and the status quo. On a more personal side of the equation, this might involve coming to terms with the thoughts and ideas of your partner – especially in areas where you are both in agreement. Words of love and appreciation might also reach you today via mail or phone. Unpredictable actions on the part of others could throw plans into disarray, forcing the need to come up with something else. A flexible attitude could turn an unexpected course correction into something more favorable than the original plan. Even so, keep in mind that the Virgo Moon will be VOC from 12:25 p.m. through midnight.

Wednesday, Jan. 6: Alignments formed by the Libra Moon suggest some choppy waters to navigate while a looming sense of indecisiveness adds to anxiety levels. Blockages, delays, frustrations and control issues could greet us first thing this morning while communication glitches may be in evidence this evening. Go with the flow, or lack thereof.

Thursday, Jan. 7: Entering the Moon’s Last Quarter Phase this morning, the emphasis is on closure and completion today and over the coming week. New starts and initiatives should take a back seat until after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse opens the first cycle of the year. A very energetic alignment appears to dominate the day as the Sun and retrograde Mars form an edgy alignment to one another. This can be a positive alignment for those keeping a close eye on their actions and interactions but it can also signal failure for those who act out unconscious impulses or a reactive behaviors. Things begin to calm as we approach the evening hours with a positive emphasis on social interactions and the need for cooperative approaches.

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