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Charlie Newman

r e v i s i t e d

Beyond the absurdity of ego, there is this:
Skyscrapers fill my day, slaughter general
-------emptiness with a breathless hush,
-------advance like great books becoming
-------watered down on the other side of my
The speed bump yogi lectures in sleight-
------of-mouth high volume doublespeak
------sweeping cloverleaf turnoff souls of
------mile-high risk/love whenever the
------truth needs telling.
Before taking each stance or each step or
------each last gasp or idling atstoplights,
------I stroll on iron beams above a city of
------faces listening fortheir prayers,
------reclaiming my unwritten fantasies.
Deathless ledges of concrete restaurants
-------fall into my acrobatic shrill high-
-------velocity chatter, where beauty
-------performs for maybe 16 seconds of
-------mistaken gravity generated by things
-------that might not be.
Progress is a concerto in a kitchen where
-------there is no lawn between the trees,
-------but one billion lightbulbs living
-------amongst thickets and indians sink
-------into history like the freeway vanishes
-------into the night beyond the lights.
I have no audience here in Chicago where
------the els rattle the windows of the
------poor, no audience in Manhattan
------where the Hudson loses its war
------against concrete, no audience in San
------Francisco, no audience in London, no
------audience in Paris, and so on and so
------on and so on.

(c) 2006 Charlie Newman


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