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Marie Countryman


you should have told me
I've always been right here
I should have known it
your signals were so very clear

but then you left me
banana skin upon the stairs
you should have told me
I should have listened with all
my ears

the day you left, you tore a hole
in my heart that wasn't always here
before before I met you
now, its tatters are still bare

was it an accident, or one
that was waiting to appear
I'll never know now
until I meet you over there

you should have told me
I've always been right here
but I should have known it
your signals were so very clear...

jack, your life bled out,
in your castle bare.

so much like ti jean,
in florida with no pals near,

with who I hope you're safe in heaven now
I shed beautific tears.

mc 12-3-04

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