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Ron Whitehead


I Will Not Bow Down (Global Version)

I will not bow down

I will not bow down
to your Government
--- to your Religion

I Will Not Bow Down
-- to your Materialism
-- to your International Corporations
-- to your Religious Shrines
----- your Stock Markets
----- your Shopping Malls

I Will Not Bow Down
-- to your Coal Mines
-- to your Oil Refineries
-- to your Nuclear Plants

I Will Not go crawling down the deep shafts at midnight

I Will Not Bow Down
-- to your invasion of privacy
-- to your moral absolutes
-- your religious political might

I Will Not Bow Down
-- to your Assassins
------ the International Corporate Police State
------ the World Trade Organization
------ your Killing Murdering Machines

I Will Not Bow Down
-- to your Bureaucracies
-- to your Schools
-- to your attempt to make me the model citizen
------ of your State of your Church

I Will Not Bow Down
-- to your Fear-Based Hissstory
------ of Lies
-- to your Secrets
------ in the Best Interest of
--------- to protect
--------- the People

I Pledge Allegiance
to those who were here before you
to those who will be here after you are gone

I Pledge Allegiance
to the woman I love

I Pledge Allegiance
to my children to my grandchildren
to all my children to come

I Pledge Allegiance
-- to my family friends and allies
-- to my guides and angels
------ seen and unseen

I Pledge Allegiance
-- to poetry to music to art
-- to the global literary renaissance
-- to the global arts community

I Pledge Allegiance to the Beat to the Outsider

I Pledge Allegiance to meditation to stillness
-- to magic to beautiful mysticism to ecstasy
-- to AH and AHA
-- to the Big Bang Epiphany
-- to altered states of consciousness

I Pledge Allegiance
-- to seeing
------ into the occult the unknown
-- to seeing
------ into every day into the ordinary
---------- and being amazed

I Pledge Allegiance to the Sacred and the Profane
-- to gnostical turpitude

I Pledge Allegiance to my physical body
-- and to the knowledge that I am more than
----- my physical body

I Pledge Allegiance to seeing more than
------ the physical world and to those
------ of higher frequency vibration
---------- and consciousness

I Pledge Allegiance to passing through
---------- the Sacred Fire
-- to entering the upper chamber of the golden pyramid
-- to levitating over the open sarcophagus
-- to out of body experience

I Pledge Allegiance to hard work

I Pledge Allegiance to honesty

I Pledge Allegiance to red wine

I Pledge Allegiance to the hottest sex
-- and to gentle affection

I Pledge Allegiance to fractal geometry
------ the geometry of clouds and coastlines
-- to 2x2 equalling 5

I Pledge Allegiance to Failure
-- to failing as no other dare fail

I Pledge Allegiance to taking risks
-- to holy daring
-- to accepting responsibility for my own actions
-- to helping my neighbors

I Pledge Allegiance to not achieving
-- the International Corporate Dream of Success

I Pledge Allegiance to trees to green grass
-- to brown earth to wildflowers of every color
-- to wilderness to turquoise indigenous skies
---- to native peoples everywhere
---- to dolphins and whales
---- to rivers lakes and seas
---- to healing the earth

I Pledge Allegiance to the Holy Spirit
-- to the Word and to Silence

I Pledge Allegiance to Dreams

I Pledge Allegiance to Birth to the Journey and to Death

I Pledge Allegiance to No Mas to I Am No More

I Pledge Allegiance
-- to Candor to Sincerity to Laughter to Irony

I Pledge Allegiance to Passion to Compassion
-- to Empathy and to Helping Those in Need

I Pledge Allegiance to Resurrection of the Heart

I Pledge Allegiance to GOing Beyond Beyond Beyond

I Will Not Bow Down

Copyright (c) 2007 Ron Whitehead



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