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Benjamin W. Waldridge


Unexplainable Answers

I walk to my bathroom to drown away the pain
I take and open the bottle
Then I recall last night I happened to take them all

Now as I walk around in a drunken stupor
Looking for you
Waiting for you to come back
I know deep down that can ever happen

My biggest mistake was getting started
Breaking all of my promises
I find myself sitting next to the phone
Waiting for the call that’s never to come

That one night in the bar
That one night was the best ever
Tell me why
Why do I wait
Why must I take these pills

You were a one night stand
Nothing more, nothing less
The one problem, I fell in love with a slut
Nothing surprising
Just another day in the life of a confused lover

I realize now
What I need the most
If only, If only, If only
She knew.


I’m waiting for this day to end,
It’s like spending time with a good friend,
The hours slip by like minutes,
And before you know it, it’s over,
The time you spent,
The memories you had.
Then you’re just sitting,
All alone in the dark,
Waiting for it all to come back,
You know that it won’t.
But you still sit there waiting,
Waiting for the end…


The time passes by like sand in the desert,
So much,
So little,
If you don’t think of what you do,
You’ll end up lost,
No one to guide you,
You become afraid of the dark,
So dark,
Your eyes turn black,
Your heart turns cold,
You care for nothing and no one,
Your soul is lost,
Forever lost,
It shall never return,
You become crazed,
Turn into a madman,
Start toiling with nothing but air,
Till your mind is gone.
You become a blundering fool,
Searching for answers,
Then finally, on that fateful day,
You give up and take your life,
Now dear reader, answer this,
Am I insane,
Or a genius in a state of bliss?

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