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Dylan Whitehead

Knowledge of Self

by Dylan Whitehead

Knowledge of self
what is this to me
it's finding out what I'm supposed to be
what I believe
look where I wanna look
see what I wanna see
finding out who I am
and where I stand
in this world of greed and demand
the typical man
hates before he sees
what's the need
love one love all
no matter the creed
this is knowledge of self to me
but I'm not finished with my search
because there are too many people with eyes wide shut
and it hurts
please somebody break this fucking curse
so we can live in peace
and share this dirt

Let's Throw It all Away

by Dylan Whitehead

Who is this world
who are we
we wasted 25% of the land
fuck it
let's waste the sea
nobody cares about what brought us to be
it used to be the land of opportunity
now it's the world of greed and stupidity
and this is just a thought I have
that I want you to have
and maybe this world wouldn't be so bad
if people cared more
didn't throw trash on the earth's floor
give peace a chance
stop these egotistical wars
I take that back
we're probably better off dead
take that trophy off your mantle and give the deer back its head
let animals live here
they deserve it more
they haven't tried to conquer and destroy
all these parents worried about having the perfect girl the perfect boy
did you give any thought about their future
think that because of us they might not be able to see or smell because of the pollution
so don't you need to quit thinking about the problem
and develop a solution


by Dylan Whitehead

Sometimes I want to break down and cry
it's frustrating
can anybody answer my question why
why everything's the same
why all these games
everybody trying to get in my brain
drink this
buy that
I'm just trying to relax
take a step back
yeah that's right
I left your poison on the rack
as a matter of fact
I'm tired of you turning my peers into zombies with your commercial crack
so get out of my face
cause to me
you're just a waste of space
waste of time
as a matter of fact
I'm gonna stop
because that's a waste of rhyme

Grim Reaper

by Dylan Whitehead

In the middle of the night
I killed the grim reaper
cause he was creepin in my head while I was sleepin
I was tired of him taking people close to me for no reason
so I stole his scythe
and cut him till he had no blood to be bleedin
but I asked him one last question before he stopped seein
how the fuck do you like knowin you are no longer goin to be being
but he couldn't answer
because I took the breath that he was breathin
now there is no such thing as deceasin
because I killed the Grim Reaper while I was
I was only dreamin

I've Been Around the Block

by Dylan Whitehead

I've been around the block 15 times
spent all my dimes
and I'm tired of that same old song
my eyes are stained red from the thousands of gallons of tears that have been pouring
out for so long
when will this dance end
get to go home with the girl who makes me forget what went wrong

I've been around the block 15 times
spent all my dimes
and I'm tired of that same old song
my eyes are stained red from the thousands of gallons of tears that have been pouring out for so long
when will this dance end
get to find my true friends
get to lie down forever
never worrying again
but when I go to sleep for the last time
it won't be till I'm clear in heart and mind

all poems by Dylan Whitehead

Copyright "c" 2004 Dylan Whitehead

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