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Elizabeth Jasper

Por Amour

you are dead
my love my heart
who made my body
sing as never before
i know it
no phone call
but i know
i know
part of you
living in me
firing my passion
my desire
my very being
slipped away
i felt it go
to join the whole of you
as it must
i hurt
i hurt
i want
i feel
i am

Elizabeth Jasper - January 29, 2006



Morning News

A few less good men
In Hoosierworld today
Seven flag-draped boxes coming home
Grief all over
(note to troops: do not let them promote you to lance corporal
Tend to get dead from there)
And for what?
But even that seems more humble
Than the Bushwhackers’ creed
Just raw hunger for power
Fits the profile best
So here I am
In a red, red state
With blue, blue thoughts
Heavy heart
Awash in not knowing


this week suite


Irish rover buzzed in
said speak
of things bizarre
e.g. events this week

no Lama intended

The big S


-----ublime to ridiculous
fully revealed…
Monday to Thursday
dream to nightmare


king who would be
His dream still too much
Cloaked in rhetoric
We talk the talk
Walk the walk
Fall short the reality
Come up missing
true depth of meaning
wasting away in some
mediocre promise no one plans to keep
yet boldly celebrates each passing year

all children left behind
color, character, genius not an issue
why pick up the challenged
disadvantaged, hopeless
elevate them when it takes
but a little waiting
for the middle to fall to the bottom
and there we are…
in a heap beneath the
rumps of the new royalty?
all asses stink



talk about days that live in
woke up with some hope still
picked up a paper
turned on the TV
puked in my trash can
extended my-four year cruise on
that great river…de-Nile
works most days
but not ThursdayJanuarytwentieth2005
strictly a don’tlooklieinthebottomofthebarge kinda day
used to love a parade



votin’ didn’t help much…
somebody spraypainted
that on all the trafficlightswitchboxes
in this tiny blue town in a tiny blue county in a big red state surrounded by a red sea of states…and on and on
can’t think that way
gotta get up
get going
make tracks
fight the fight
wish Abe Lincoln
would show up, give me wisdom
appear as a vision in the King’s dreams
tell him he should go see a play



inevitable that Coronation Day arrives,
time marches on
rain and sleet and snow would be good
give no omen that something good is happening here



so Friday comes again
all things are different in their seeming sameness
battle on
never give up
defeat is an illusion
now is not the time to diminish effort
pick up pieces
walk to the distant beat of that different drummer
hear the beat?
faint, but there
find it
hold it
One foot in front of the other
Keep on keepin’ on
And the faith, baby,
We shall overcome


Elizabeth Jasper - Martin Luther King Day 2005



The Truth About Grandma's Biscuits

first batch
always overcooked
got a little too brown
little too hard

Grandma said
it was her old woodstove
temperature never
got quite right
'til batch two.

up early with Grandma
i knew all about that first batch
they went to grandma's dogs
she loved those dogs
Grandpa barely tolerated

out the back porch
door they'd go
less than perfect
but nectar to old Gittum
and his pack of compadres

second batch
sheer perfection
inch and a half high
bigger around than most
she used a water glass for cuttin'
'stead of a biscuit cutter

dripping butter
oozing homemade
Damson Plum preserves
those were grandpa's
He never knew what went before

Elizabeth Jasper
Copyright August 2004
For consideration to new edition of Beautiful Biscuits



waking dream

dark muse stretches
mounts the wind
in sightless, wingless
shredded lace gown
trails behind her
tucks, folds, tatters
home to all her minions
in the lead
Wilkie Collins
John Polidori
Bram Stoker
Algernon Blackwood
Mary Shelley,
Some of Keats,
scariest of all, St. John
divine in his horrific view
so many more
cling tight riding
through murky clouds
inky vestiges of loss
along the way
King Steven fell out,
Crashed to earth
In his chromed cliché
no granddaddy
picks him up
loves him.
not in this story
strength, vision
it takes to be her child
she bids me come
take a place, in her rusty silks
cherished in blackness
redeemed in condemnation
and on her shoulder
dressed in feathers
and crepe
Poe incessantly tones



Da' bomb

Like the black girls say
you’re such a bomb
Thunder lightning female
fallout energy all over my house
No storms outside
but sure as hell a big one brewing in here.
All these women ready to do anything
everything thinkable unthinkable
Credible incredible things
with for through to you (me too)
and you know it sense it
revel in all of it but you’re cool…
wineglass tipped settin’ out on the porch
surveying the meadow telling the Word
doing the Work,
holy shit you should be against the law.
And there poised, at ready
annoyingly prescient queen bee
would kill us all singly
one fell swoop
in some Damascussteelblade
tortuous bloodletting kind of way
even our souls might not survive.

Hiking up my petticoat
getting off this damned trolley.
If mama was right
there’ll be another in ten minutes
and it may not be headed for mayhem like this one.
Not sure patience is a virtue
but it’s damnsure a blessing in this scenario
wait for another car
or for this one to come around again
less of a crowd on board.


Saturday 5 a.m. for Dean and Susan McClain

“Some of the Dharma”
gifted me
my latest birth

reading all night
left-side pages
reading or dreaming?
doesn’t matter

day eases in quietly
caresses window glass
slips through
pink French silk shade

sleep at last
after all these years


Morning Show

TV's humming along
i ain't really listening much
words here, there
murder, Bush
terror, Iraq,
stock down, up
who had luck
i'm brushing teeth
curling hair
lookin' for toe rings
and a bra that's not
life-threatening in this heat
Whoa! what'd she say, that perky anchor girl?
Lordy, lordy some dumb buncha
Hoosiers done snuck across the river
kidnapped my family, friends
drug 'em way North and
omigod put 'em on
Cause i just know she
said "if you're out and about
today stop by the zoo
see the new exhibit of
southern white winos!
aw hell, you reckon they mighta
got my teachermentorfriend in that haul?
Who's gonna read the crap i write
if he's on display at the ZOO?
and lots of other important folk too
sure was a relief to see them white
rhinos from South Africa pop up into
view a little later...

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