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Jeremy Hogan

Musings on the One Year Anniversary of our Shaman's Passing.

I walked into the supermarket tonight and couldn't figure out if I should be angry or just laugh. I wanted to walk out into the street like some crazy fucking coffee shop Marxist idiot and yell, "let's start a fucking revolution." But, then in this age, nobody would take me seriously. They'd just laugh, the idea of a revolution or any kind of change or humanity is an ironic joke under the current situation we face.

There he was on the 4 pack of "Gonzo" Imperial Porter beer a drawing by none other than Ralph Steadman with Hunter supposedly saying, "Let's Party" Then the words, "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." A simulacrum of the Doctor himself was selling beer.

Earlier after a telephone conversation with a friend about the one year anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson's suicide and how every motherfucker, Hollywood sycophant and failed presidential candidate - who is a big supporter of the war on "terror" showed up in Woody Creek Colorado with their Gonzo Police for the big send off for someone who might of told them to all to fuck themselves if he knew how they would commercialize the mythology of his legacy.

I was somewhere completely different before I headed to the
Supermarket. Something just told me I had to go in there. I think it was Hunter speaking to me from another dimension. You know when you get that gut feeling that you need to do something, can't explain why you just feel it. And Hunter's ghost led me down that aisle and there it was the scene of a crime. "Let's party" !!! Ha, ha, fuck that!

I'd been thinking earlier about Late Capitalism after my buddy earlier was telling me they are selling all manner of bullshit with the Gonzo fist on it. So, let me guess for 10.99 or whatever I can buy some revolution. A little fist. Kinda like dumb trust fund babies living in San Francisco wearing Che Guevara shirts while people sleep homeless down the street because they can't afford the rent in the gentrified neighborhood where they helped drive up the price. And then these elitists they wonder why conservatives attack them as being hypocrites. Well duh! But those conservatives, they can fuck off too. They talk about Jesus then bomb people. They like to cut taxes for the wealthy so when their trust fund kids run up the rent there are no social services to help the poor, the dispossessed, the disadvantaged, but there is always money for an Alaskan bridge to nowhere. This is the country we live in. So, it's no wonder Hunter was so pissed off. He saw the same bullshit when the marketers commercialized the beat generation in the 1960s.

So what is this American Dream? A big house? A big car? What is this false freedom? What is this apparent lie we call modernity while there are more small but deadly wars than ever in history. People are dying in Africa as I write this and people are dying here in America. Thousands are being kicked out of hotels in the New Orleans area, but authority has it all taken care of with modern communications we avoided the tragedy in New Orleans. We saved lives, yeah, uh, huh, modernity is a fucking lie. We're still primitives. Hunter was just honest about this and made it funny.

Hunter was a Shamanistic muckraker exposing the lies that certain elites like to use to control the masses. They cover up their own shortcomings with propaganda. They take our dreams and repackage them and sell them back to us for twice the price or more. They call this democracy and free trade. But this is skull duggery and therefore mental slavery for anyone who believes it. This is the same bullshit our nation was founded to escape. But, here we are. Hunter was saying wake the fuck up and no one listened. They said he was crazy. Finally when can't take it anymore and off himself (at least according to reports). Then, there he is on this beer package.

"Let's Party."

No fuck that this ain't no party! This is a nightmare and if we don't wake the fuck up we're going to collectively die in our sleep. Some of us are already in a coma, can't be woken up. And furthermore, someone is a psychic vulture of Hunter's legacy, which had nothing to do with their shitty bourgeoisie beer or some cheap marketing ploy designed for maximum profit. Sure, the profits will go back to the owl farm. What a joke. Just like the Red Cross helped people after the Hurricane by giving out all that money the collected. Hey I hear property on the dark side of the moon is for sale too … the neighborhood is "real" quiet.

So, last week Dick Cheney shoots his hunting partner and the corporate media and the government covers it up for hours. It's like the former Soviet Union where the state media would keep disasters out of the press. He said it was the worst day of his life. So, am I supposed to feel sorry for his ugly ass? Worst day. How about when my father was hit by a piece of a 17 pound rocket during the Vietnam war, how about when the military told Cindy Sheehan her son is dead, how about those 30,000 General Motors workers that are losing their jobs? Sorry? I don't feel sorry for you "Dick". I feel sorry for our country, I feel sorry for our troops who are fighting a war based on the existence of WMDs that don't exist, never did. I cry for the ones that have been killed or injured fighting for this falsity. I feel sorry for the kids whose education is being fucked up by this so called no child left behind act. There are a lot of things to feel sorry about. I just don't feel sorry for you "Dick." And a message from Hunter, he came to me in a dream … this just in … "go fuck yourself."

During the Soviet Union, it took quite some time before the truth came out about the Chernobyl disaster. But we know the media is broken here too, like when a couple months ago someone close to my family was murdered in cold blood by her husband and there was hardly a mention in the media out where it happened. But CNN will spend days on a story about a missing girl in Aruba, this kind of crap is why Hunter gave up on the media and so called "objective journalism". This is why he became a Gonzo journalist. Sure, there are years of coverage for the Scott Peterson trial but no love in the media for Crystal Hicks. No there wasn't. Guess why … because Porterville is an economically depressed town and such coverage wouldn't be in line with the interests of the corporations that buy ad time in the national media. Not enough viewers there. The Aruba girl and Lacy Peterson … bless them wherever they are … are from the right zip codes.

Besides, this ain't no democracy when important decisions about the future of our country are made by a few at a ranch over beers and a shotgun somewhere down in Texas. That ain't transparency. And frankly I'm pissed off about it. Besides, this ain't no free market economy look at Enron. Furthermore, did anyone ask the workers here in Indiana if they wanted their jobs sent to Mexico or China or India. The corporations blame it on the consumer … but what about the CEO's making 500 times the pay of their workers. Besides, I'm sure the American public and the workers would prefer not have billions of dollars in capital leaving their communities to fill up the hard drives on computers in offshore locations. But, yes, yes, I know the economists have some bullshit theory to explain why we need to do that but did they ever thought that this might lead to a country of haves and have nots. Sure, they know … some of them have probably even voiced this opinion. I assume they told their superiors, such as the wealthy types who sit on University trustee boards and answer to other the rich and powerful people, believe me, if they bothered to read Aristotle's book on politics, they also know this will eventually lead to a revolution and that's why they need to pass the Patriot Act and use the NSA and the CIA to spy on Americans.

Stop the "terrorists" before they can get started. They aren't just afraid of "terrorists" any idiot can figure out they're afraid of us too. And I suppose 1984 is just a book of "literature." To be happily discussed while our "freedom" is protected by destroying it.

Whose "democracy" is this anyway??? When they talk about freedom they ain't talking about the women and men working in Wal Mart who were told to clock out and keep working past 8 hours or they'll be fired.

So, I want to scream "revolution" but nobody will listen. They'll
say "man he's got issues" put me on Prozac or something. I won't be invited to cool parties in gentrified neighborhoods in San Francisco,The Bowery next to CBGBs, in the Hollywood Hills, I'd be banned from Suburban Dallas. But the earth is warming up no joke. And the 50 billion dollar war in Iraq is actually a 400++++ billion war that Americans will pay for generations If there still is an America! Nope, sorry they're not meeting our soldiers with flowers in Iraq. No, now they really do want to kill U.S.

But, lets deconstruct this some more: SOMEONE is getting rich. I mean 400 billion dollars has to go somewhere so if we're free why can't we just sue them for fraud tell them to give our goddamn money back. Ha, ha! "We the people sue you" rich military contractors, bad corporate actors and greedy oil companies for everything you have. You've destroyed our schools, corrupted our political system with your lobbyists, you've let thousands become homeless in New Orleans and the surrounding area, you've destroyed our healthcare system, and you've destroyed our ability to find good meaningful jobs. You've soiled the good name of our country and the freedom that generations of our best have fought and died to defend! We're taking you to court!!! You stole our democracy for your totalitarian oligarchy for the richest one percent of one percent and you've destroyed our way of life for your corporate communist welfare state that provides freedom for a few and tyranny for the rest and then you called it a free market economy. Shame on you!!! Fucking liars! If you don't give our money back we're going to invade the countries where you keep your offshore accounts.

No we don't need a revolution, we don't need communism, we don't need to destroy the system our founding fathers founded when they told King George to fuck himself. We just need to foreclose on these fuckers and take our country back. There are almost 300 million of us and just a few of them. Hunter knew this, he wrote about it, but nobody listened and finally he pulled the plug on this dimension said, "you dumb fuckers are on your own." And what do we have in his honor - some cheap ass t-shirts for sale on the internet probably made in China by slave labor and some overpriced beer "let's party!"

So, here's a fucking t-shirt, don't cry about your lost Freedom!

Jeremy Hogan (and John Hancock)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

(c) 2006 Jeremy Hogan - All rights reserved and if you put these words on a beer package or a T-Shirt I'll kick your fucking ass!

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