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Jim Irsay Remembers

"The frozen lakes of the confessor"

Your lake is frozen now
I heard your confession was not well received
" reception lines
no open arms
just handle bars
wearing five point stars..."
Guess you ripped your phone
right off the hook!
From the corner of my eye
I saw you skate away
sliding on the sharp blades
of freedom
God's greatest gift to man
But what lies beyond
those mysterious glaciers
of silence?
Fates artic winds
once delivered me
from the mad echoes
of my ancient, fore-father's screams
Acceptance was the poison
erasing the heritage
of the razored tongues
of defiance
Let's leave the soul-saving
and the eye of the needle
to the narrow beasts of judgment
A frozen lake rests so stiff
so many clues beneath the surface though
Might just cut a circle of truth
right in its heart.
Bet there's a bunch of slippery answers
lying down there
But the confessor knows
it's not about the "answers"
it's about the right "questions"
That's what sets us free
Who just shot that cannon?
Must be dinnertime
for that military kingdom, you called home
I see the smoky ice
smiling at the circus stars
Nothing really moves around here
It just kind of stretches out in silence
You swore you'd never say goodbye
but there you were
waving your guns at the setting sun
Or was it rising?
Guess we'll never know
They said you'd finally do it
but you pissed them off
'cause only you'd know when
But now "when" is already yesterday
See ya on the "Other Side" my friend...

Jim Irsay
Culver, Indiana

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