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James Walck

CBGB'x - December 2005

My Last Time at CBGB's

We had just finished a gig at Bob Holman's Bowery Poetry Club, the second Odes to the Sidewalks of New York SpokeSoul gathering of the faithful and even though it was near mid-December on the verge of bitter cold, we were energized with an appetite and decided to trundle up Bowery to have some drinks and get a bite to eat.

At 1am. now Monday morning, the streets were pretty quiet and we all double timed it up the block where we chowed and chawed, drank and decompressed after what was a cool evening of sooth n' sounds slew'd inonabout this city that we Love.

Frank Messina, James Walck and David Amram

At 3am we graced the wait staff with our departure and with kisses, hugs, shakes and waves we broke ranks and Frank Messina, John Rey, Jeremy Hogan and myself made way back downtown, scheming what next, for we were not ready to call it a night.

With Frank Messina and John Rey two steps ahead walking south on the east side of Bowery I asked Jeremy if his camera was at the ready as I could see ahead, a small street soiree' of a few panhandlers dancing and singing, one of them laying down a groovebeat on an empty spackle bucket. "There's a party up ahead in front of CB's, better get some shots while you can cause it (CB's) ain't gonna be here most likely next time you're back in town."

At this point Messina and Rey had jumped into the party outside Cb's and with a wink and a nod to Hogan, both of us drew our cameras like Five-O walking into a bodega hold-up.

We had the drop on them all and cajoled them on in revelry, me spinning vid, Jeremy snapping digi-stills and them just having too much fun as they all sidewalk samba'd.

Smiles Davis takes it to the street outside CBGB's! - Click Here ti view the Video!

As that was not enough, the front door of CB's flies open and out strolls a Japanese Punk-tet all singing in Japanese, one on guitar, another on trumpet, 3 men and a woman.

This trippy tyco troupe slipped into this sidewalk scene seamlessly, interweaving with the festivities already afoot, Jeremy looked up at me incredulously, I smiled and said "Only in New York!"

"I Ruv New Yawk! - Click Here to View the Video!

The lead singing samurai, a fireplug of a guy with a fedora and an orange bench coat saluted and toasted (glass of Jack Daniels in hand) bellowing "Smiles Davis Ruvs New Yawk" He then brought the song to enthusiastic finale, all of us clapping, cheering and then congratulating, introducing ourselves to each other and exchanging . . Click Here to Vitew the Video!.

There were no borders, there were no barriers just a joyous spontaneous scene and as quick as this all came together outside CBGB's it came undone, all parties scattering to there perspective business. We just laughed and found ourselves that much more amp'd to keep the night alive, that much more intoxicated from this impromptu international NYC moment.

After a short huddle we decided to cross the river and go to the Badda-Bing!

But . . .

That's a story I will save for another time!

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This legendary NYC club's canto finale was delivered by the punk rock poetess Patti Smith on October 15. Despite efforts from fans and promoters to save the venue, the club that helped define a music genre and launch the careers of The Ramones, Talking Heads and Blondie will close its doors after its final show on October 31, due to unsuccessful rent negotiations with its landlord.

Sadly, it is reported, CBGB's will be disassembled and set up in Las Vegas.

A Neighborhood's evolution doesn't have to happen in the fashion of Souless Gentrification!

The Municipal Art Society of New York is a private, non-profit membership organization whose mission is to enrich the culture, neighborhoods and physical design of New York City. MAS strives for excellence in urban design / planning, contemporary architecture, historic preservation and public art. Click Here to Learn More!

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Photos by Jeremy Hogan


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