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Marshal Pierce, III



Emboldened moments as these whisper…….
mold me into one being,
one purpose…….
Laugher a once, then gone.
Silence here, it''s always you.
Treasures to keep,
stars to create,
nights to share.
Time in a vacuum soars.
You disappear!
Me alone.


Rage, rage, the rage rages on.
Onward, inward;
inside, outside;
side by side.
The seize won''t cease.
Ever, never;
over and under.
In my head sounds my heart.
All times.
Most times.
Night time, too.
No release from this surly bond.
The torment of life or love?
Only fate.
Destiny''s curse.


Long for oceans,
I do.
Quests within sea,
Ships sail,
hearts quell.
No where nearer to me than now?
I shriek.
Wonder of passages,
ebb''s flow.
Seek the
here not now,
the sooner not later.
With or without you,
I shall sojourn.
I do.
Life always speaks back.


These are the lonely nights within my dull futile daze.
Echoes in my head dance,
as desperations cry out the
lies of an ancient man exposed.
Touching hands heal only the fool in need of a life.
Death scares the frightened,
evil wills kill the weak.
Oceans comfort the alone--------
as salty bloods return to the deep.


Long for beauty.
Crave the past.
Once a time,
only coming to me,
just wishing to be.
Before me they dance.
Night only weeps.
Why life comes so suddenly.
Why must we fade?
Mysteries we seek.
we harbor.
Now it is only me.
Drifting out to sea.
Wishing only to see....
your face.


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