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Noel Woosley

Mend my Heart and Oil my Knees

my hair is collecting dust,
my palid skin is glossy
if you haven't noticed,
my knees are rusted, orange, autumn,
It was the rain,
rain that rusted my knees,
rich dirt around me produced a green-ivy vine
that's creeping up my filthy left arm
stopping it's growth at my
deteriorating shoulder,
I haven't moved since I told you I wasn't
wearing my heart on my sleeve anymore,
that's when you walked away,
that's when I leaned against the rough oak
and it began to rain and
I began to rust,
I am thankful for that day
you helped me realize how much
I don't need you anymore,
I don't know what to do now, though
It's still raining,
I'm still rusting,

maybe I'll wait for another, Anew,
I'll watch for him from between
the dust on my eyelashes,
dream about him
during the long days
the cold nights,
I'll dream about him,
he'll have what it takes,, what it takes
to mend my ripped heart
oil my rusty knees,
I hope he comes soon
this rust and my ripped heart
is heavy

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