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Rani Newman

Big Women Big Shoes

stomping through the earth
the outside world
footprints left a reminder
to remember the strongness of people
of mind of body
footprints of the ones trampling GOD
tearing down walls of existence
tearing down walls of time of reality
looking for love for truth
a simple yearning to live with purity with happiness
as a person
embrace the past the future
live now
treading through shining water
through sun rays reflected off clearness
understanding that what the world doesn't contain
is as important as what it does
finding good in bad
bad in good
knowing we are many not one
yet with time we can all live as one
join our lives
not just so-called reality
to understand the unseen the unknown
to forgive to let go
to welcome SELF
to notice the thousands of footprints following
and leading yours
to be awake to be aware
of surroundings of small things
because they bring happiness
of flowers of trees of nature
the true life we were supposed to live
not the false world of machinery
to be aware of animals
songs voices
to listen to everyone to grow
with every sound with every sight
to continue to walk
to leave strong footprints for others
to follow to find comfortto set camp inside your knowledge
until they break free set flight
to a greater knowledge
to let things be as they are
so we don't die out
to touch to heal with human fingers
to look to expand with human arms
to give milk to give life with human body
to understand with human mind
to keep moving forward with human soul
to crumble to fall as any human will
to get back up to stand as any human can
to use your humanity to see that you are not alone in your quest
to feel the anger burn to move through your body
to feel relief because you have learned how to forgive
to feel hot tears of sadness
and joy stream down your face
to FEEL because you are human
Big Women
Big Shoes
Stomping through the earth
Finding answers of truth of evil
Living Breathing every moment

Rani Newman
Copyright "c" 2004 Rani Newman


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