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---Sarah Elizabeth & Ron Whitehead

-------Like no travel book before it, the multi-layered working class blue collar Western Kentucky: Lost & Forgotten, Found & Remembered contains the captivatingly fearless brutally honest bardic story of Sarah Elizabeth and Ron Whitehead's 19 day, 14 county, 325 mile hike, from Cherokee Park in Louisville all the way, via backroads and railroads, to the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
----------Western Kentucky: Lost & Forgotten, ---------------------Found & Remembered

(excerpt from Day 2/Chapter 2)

The first bridge we came to was 50 yards across. It had railings on each side. No problem. Sweet, sniffing out everything, followed us across. But the second bridge was a different story. A football field across and no side railings to hold onto. It was 150 feet above a raging river that was spilling into the Ohio River. The gaps between the railroad ties were further apart than the gaps on land. Between the bridge ties was nothing but air and water 150 feet below. The wind was suddenly stronger. Sarah & I did some time calculations. We felt certain that the last train had passed us 15 minutes earlier so if we moved quickly we should, hopefully, be able to make it across before the next train arrived. We agreed to move fast, without hesitation, to look only at the ties, nowhere else. We took off. Halfway across the bridge my hair stood straight up on my head when I heard Sarah scream, “Sweet’s not comin!” I froze, stopped, slowly turned around. The wind was now furious, blowing hard. There was Sarah standing, midbridge, staring back at Sweet. Sweet was pacing back and forth, afraid to walk the bridge. Because of the wind and the sound of the raging river I had to yell loud at Sarah to, “Come on! A train will be comin soon! We’ve got to get off this bridge!!!” She turned. Carefully, steadily we walked on. When we finally made it to land Sarah stopped, turned and started pleading with Sweet to cross. We still had 50 yards to go, on land, before we got to a safe place, a place where we could get off the tracks if a train came. It was a straight drop off where we were. Sarah said, “I’m goin back to get Sweet.” I countered with, “Are You crazy?! A damn train is gonna be comin any second. We’ve got to get the hell off these tracks. Come on!” She cried out, “I can’t leave her behind! She’s got no home!” I said, “Sarah, she’ll find her way. She made it to us. She’ll find someone else, another home. I’d like to take her with us too but we can’t. She’ll end up gettin run over on the highways we’ll be hikin on. Come on Sarah!” I pleaded. She finally relented. Yelled again, “Sweet please come on!” But Sweet was still frantically pacing back and forth back and forth on the other side, too scared to cross. When my Dad heard this story he said, “That dog had more sense than both of you. It was smart enough to not cross that bridge!” Sarah still worries about Sweet. We both hope she found a new home.

Once we made it to a safe place on the tracks, a place where we could at least get off far enough to not be hit by an oncoming train, I said, “This will be a perfect place for me to take a photo of you, with the bridge in the distance.” We turned together to look behind us to find the perfect spot for the photo. What we saw scared the hell right out of us. Two huge men, rough looking in plain clothes, were standing on the tracks, just this side of the bridge. Where in the world had they come from?! There were no roads for miles in any direction. The green-brown Ohio River was on our right & brown-green rocky rugged mountainous terrain on our left. We hadn’t heard a boat or motorcycles or 4-wheelers, nothing, no sounds cept nature. My first thought was of the movie Deliverance! Squeal like a pig! Holy Lord help us! We waved to them then, turning, said to each other, “Walk as fast as you can! Don’t slow down! Don’t look back! If we need to run then run as fast as possible!” We were out of phone service range. And besides, even if we called for help no one could get there in time. Our only option was flight hoping and praying that we wouldn’t have to fight. Those guys were twice my size. Without running, not wanting to show our fear, we walked as fast as our legs could carry us. We were already exhausted from walking miles and miles but now the adrenalin kicked in. Drenched with sweat we felt no pain. We flew down those tracks. Finally, Sarah turned to look. We had turned a curve on the tracks, crossing round a mountain. No sign of them. Nine wild turkeys and a lone coyote, from nowhere, scared the hell out of us again. Sarah turned back. We kept our fast pace for another half mile. We both turned to look. No sign of them. Whew! We slowed our pace just a little. What were they doing there?! Did they have marijuana fields? Meth labs? Were they hunting? We had no idea. Were they plainclothes military guards patrolling the boundaries of Fort Knox? All we wanted to do was get far enough away from them that they’d never be able to catch up with us so we kept up our steady fast pace. Finally finally, with no sign of them, we felt like it was okay to slow down.

What a relief. One of my main concerns on this hike was for Sarah’s safety. It was one thing for me to endanger myself but I sure didn’t want anything to happen to Sarah. Somebody suggested later that the two guys, from nowhere, may have been angels. I never thought of that. What do angels really look like? I’ve always believed in angels. William Blake, one of my favorite poets, and Edgar Cayce, greatest psychic of all time and modern day prophet from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, both saw angels all their lives. Maybe they were angels, watching out for us. When the unknown manifests unexpectedly, appears right in our faces, as it nearly always does, more often than not it scares the hell out of us.


From April 7th through the end of 2006 Sarah and Ron will be touring Kentucky, the USA, and Europe performing/signing Western Kentucky: Lost & Forgotten, Found & Remembered and Sarah's new When The Redbuds Bloom CD.

Western Kentucky: Lost & Forgotten, Found & Remembered by Sarah Elizabeth & Ron Whitehead is now available from Published in Heaven Books,

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As The War in Iraq still persists, so does Poetry Amidst a World of Struggle and finds Louisville Folk, Blues great, Tyrone Cotton joining
Frank Messina, Ron and Sarah Whitehead and Andy Cook regrouping for The Wanderer Tour. The Journey begins March 21st at The Rudyard Kipling. Click Here to view all the dates as The Wanderer Tour makes the way West.


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