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Welcome to the i-Video Theatre at The Insomniacathon Galleria!

In the re-vamped Galleria at Insomniacathon 04' On-Line
we welcome you to a place where one can sit front row and watch some of the great Poetry and Music that has been part and parcel to this event known as Insomniacathon!

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Ron Whitehead

In the Spring of 2004, Ron Whitehead and The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue (then, Sarah Elizabeth, Michael Dean Odin Pollock and Andy Cook) embarked on The "Not Knowing" Tour - From La Grange to Chengdu. One of their stops was at Hunter S. Thompson's ranch in Colorado.

View the VidClip from Hunter Thompson's Ranch



Hot Tuna

Jorma and Jack take it to the tarmac on a hot August night at The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum airfield in
Reading, PA. From the James Walck film.

New! Walkin' Blues

Embryonic Journey





Frank Messina and OctoPoet
- Live at The BPC -

Messina and OctoPoet with special guest, Sudan Baronian slide thru a medley of the Spokeface favs at The Bowery Poetry Club. Lensed by Robert O'Haire.

View the medley of

You Will Not Break Me, Lead Me Not Into Temptation and Rhythm Vacuum




Charlie Newman
Poet, Author, Chicago, Il

Charlie was hoping he'd never have to recount this poem's dilemma in a present tense. Current events, sadly, still keep it in chilling context.

Here We Go Again

also, read 3 powerful poems of Charlie Newman's
in the Insom Reading Room

Bob Holman

"It Talks To Your Brain" Call it firk, chappeau, fedora or lid, Bob Holman puts his spin on this near appendage for the Ted Joans' Life Celebration at The Bowery Poetry Club.

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The Hat


Not Knowing

For Insomniacathon 04' On-Line! We are pleased to bring to the Galleria "Homilys" the first in a series of
i-Video from the "Not Knowing" Tour - From La Grange to Chengdu

New! "Part Two's" for Abiquiu and Mojave!.
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Read "Resolutions"
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Frank Messina and OctoPoet
- Live at The BPC -

October 2nd, 2004 Messina and OctoPoet take the stage at The Bowery Poetry Club. Lensed by Robert O'Haire.


New Clip! Bicycle


The Rascals of Ragtime
with David Amram

See Dixie and The Bowery collide in Louisville! The Rascals and Dave . . .

Take The "A" Train


Dean McClain
Poet, Author
Louisville, KY

Dean reads from his first book of poetry,

Come to (or leave)




Tyrone Cotton
Louisville, KY

Tyrone opens Insomniacathon 03' with a sign of the times song.

It's Getting Dark

More on Tyrone Cotton


Elizabeth Jasper
Poet. Human Being Activist
Bloomington, IN

Elizabeth recounts

Wurring . . . Grinding

also, read more poems
in the Insom Reading Room.



Michael Dean Pollock

See Iceland's maximum Bluesman's latest video


More on Michael Dean Pollock



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Click Here for "Picking Up Where We Left Off"  - Bettye B's Post-Insom 03' Bash!  - Never Heard Mp3's from Dave Amram EarthJam 2003!  - New Pix from Both Shows!  - Click Here and Get On Board! -
Click Here for "Picking Up Where We Left Off"  - Bettye B's Post-Insom 03' Bash!  - Never Heard Mp3's from Dave Amram EarthJam 2003!  - New Pix from Both Shows!  - Click Here and Get On Board! -

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Frank Messina and Dave Amram perform the Kerouac classic at Insomniacathon 2003


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