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Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue, World Citizen, The Shape of Water, Swan Boats @ Four and Honeysuckle Vine CDs were all released on Halloween night at the start of Insomniacathon 2003 "Keeping The Flame Alive!" at The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, KY. Below you'll find Mp3's from these CDs and other great titles from the Published In Heaven Audio Catalog!

Closing Time - Ron Whitehead

CLOSING TIME, is full of surprises: historical pieces on his working relationship with Allen Ginsberg, a tribute poem for David Amram, a Beat prophecy co-written with John Tytell and more!

With guest appearances by Ron's son Dylan, daughter Rani, granddaughter Roz, his wife, Sarah Elizabeth, and poet/multi-instrumentalist, Andy Cook.

Listen to

From Hank William’s Grave to Insomniacathon 2003: Keeping The Flame Alive

House of The Rising Sun

Calling The Toads: The Antinomian Fire This Time



3 Shots - The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue

3 SHOTS is a hard driving Rock n' Roll Spoken Word Warrior driven wall of sound mounted against all forms of injustice.

------Listen to Dean McClain and The VHAR rail through

Shotgun Full Of Jesus


Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue

An eclectic blend of American Heartland music Bluegrass, Folk, Jazz, Blues and Spoken Word that supercedes all borders geographically, ethnically and ideologically.


Listen to Never Give Up
I Will Not Bow Down
The Apocalypse Rag

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Never Give Up
- The Poem (Poster)

In 1994, His Holiness, The Dalai Lama gave Ron Whitehead a message to spread to his audiences as he traveled the world performing his poetry, working towards, and for, a Global Literary Renaissance.

His Holiness' message evolved for Ron into prose and came into being as the poem, "Never Give Up."

Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue





The Shape Of Water - Ron Whitehead and James Walck
--------------------------------------------------------------with The Mind2Hands Symphonia

A collection of prayers and meditations, Ron Whitehead pairs up with James Walck for a symbiotic Spoken Word and sonic soundscape with the diverse musicality of The Mind2Hands Symphonia.

Listen to Plowed Earth
The Shape of Water

Bell and Drum
The String In My Hand

The Shape Of Water

View CD Release VidClip of The Shape Of Water



Swan Boats @ Four - Paul K and Ron Whitehead

Louisville's own Paul K takes his salty, bittersweet street smarts to the studio with Ron Whitehead for a great collection of tracks reflecting on the human condition and the need to question authority.

More about Paul K

Listen to I Will Not Bow Down
Wake Up One Day
Reality Is Just a Scam

Swan Boats @ Four (wonderful years, wonderful years)

Swan Boats @ Four


World Citizen - Michael Dean Odin Pollock

Guitarist and fellow Viking Hillbilly, Michael Dean Odin Pollock puts his pedal to the metal with this solo CD.

An amalgam of Blues, Folk and edgy Rock and Roll, Michael spins tales, shouts from the soapbox and implores a world sensibility of peace, love and civil disobedience.

More about Michael Dean Odin Pollock

Listen to Loa Loa Loa
World Citizen

World Citizen



Honeysuckle Vine - Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth's debut CD is a beautiful collection of songs from the heart of Kentucky steeped in the tales, hymns and dreams of America. With special guest David Amram.

Listen to Rural Route Girl
Black Is The Color

Goin' Down The Road
110 In The Shade

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Kentucky Blues - featuring David Amram and Ron Whitehead

Amram and Whitehead converge again, this time in NYC, where Urbana and The Heartland collide for a joyous compilation. With special guests Casey and Mike Cyr, Robin Tichenor, Andy Cook and Dylan Whitehead.

Listen to Kentucky Blues
Westward Into The Canyoned Night
Dog Sky

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Kentucky Blues


Kentucky - Sarah Elizabeth and Ron Whitehead

Sarah and Ron's debut CD. Poems, hymns, prayers and songs make up this fine album.

Listen to Long Journey Home
West Kentucky Mine Disaster
Will The Circle Be Unbroken

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Kentucky Roots - Ron Whitehead (and various artists)

Appearances from Dave Amram Trio, Bob & Stu Holman, Tyrone Cotton, Michael Dean Odin Pollock and others make this disc a sonic trip to Ol' Kentucky.

Listen to Sally Ann
They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree
Little Mountain Church

Music Saved My Life and Jesus Saved My Soul: The Impossible Dream

Kentucky Roots

I Will Not Bow Down - Ron Whitehead (and various artists)

Produced by Michael Dean Odin Pollock, Ron and his guests shout it from the roof, take it to the street and to the heart on this CD where art intimates the man.

Listen to Kentucky Haiku
Comes Night and Wind

The Bone Man

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I Will Not Bow Down


Tapping My Own Phone - Ron Whitehead

A collection of Poems and Stories, this 1998 recording is a magical transformation implicit in poetry, with the music of the poems serving as chants, incantations and affirmations.

Listen to Tapping My Own Phone
I Will Not Bow Down

The Ending Of Time
How Many More Times

Tapping My Own Phone


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In the Spring of 1994 at The Kentucky Center for The Arts in Louisville His Holiness,The Dalai Lama, gave poet, Ron Whitehead, a message for him to share with young people of all ages thoughout the World. That message was the inspiration of the Ron Whitehead poem, "Never Give Up." - Click Here to Learn More about the story behind the inception of the Ron Whitehead poem, "Never Give Up!"

Pix, Clips and Page from kindred Keepers of The Flame! Join us in celebrating the LifeArtSpirit of Allen Ginsberg! Click Here to Enter!

On Sunday, December 11th 'Ode to the Sidewalks of New York Jazz & Poetry Reading' will happen once again hosted by legendary musician, composer, author David Amram & his Trio at the Bowery Poetry Club. - Click Here For More Info! - ALSO View Pix and Clips from May's Ode Celebration!

On Sunday, Feburary 20th, Writer, The Gonzo Journalist, Kentuckian and Friend, Hunter S. Thompson headed on from this world to the next. Click Here to read the emotes, reflects, rants and raves coming in to Insomniacathon On-Line!

See Ron Whitehead recite the poem "Never Give Up" at Chamtse Ling.

On Sunday, May 15th 'Ode to the Sidewalks of New York Jazz/Poetry Reading' was hosted by legendary musician, writer, poet David Amram & his Trio at the Bowery Poetry Club. Photog, Jeremy Hogan was there and although still on the road, he was able to wire in these images from the celebration! Click Here to view the photos from the show!

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Ron Whitehead re-vamps with this one at Howlfest 2004!

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