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Charlie Newman

grace 5

a vision
set in stone or set in steel or set in echoes
insect cool
where I will live or where I live or where I lived
I hear it shake the unrequited dawn

I suck it dry I struggle against it I give up
and gives me nothing but conditions
an avalanche of paperwork heretofore whereto

singing apocalypso
shoveling shit from somewhere anywhere nowhere
I knew what to expect

young and old and
covered with old bruises
waiting for strike one strike two strike while the iron is hot

weak and dying and
wearing mummy cloth like an Armani tux
all sphinx eyes and alibis
promise reduced to papyrus
little more than a moving target

I may be in the driver's seat
but I am ordinary

I am an all-American dinosaur
extinct fossiled babbled to death
by spinning dancing skipping gesticulating sideshow has beens

God doesn't like God doesn't dislike God doesn't play craps
but will He give you another chance

sign sign on the dotted line

Copyright (c) 2005 Charlie Newman

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