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Ron Whitehead

Ron Whitehead - Photo by Jeremy Hogan

hawk and crow

alchemical sunrise prayer and meditation


all is well
all is well
all is well

peace and harmony

unity wholeness and love

i am empty
i am powerless
i surrender
i let go

o spirit
o soul
embrace small self ego
in emptiness openness and love

i am human
i am spirit
i am soul
and more
all one

as human and ego
i am broken
i suffer
i have been hurt
i have hurt
i am healed

letting go
all fear pain suffering
terror darkness
panic anxiety
doubt and death
letting go

loving boundaries
loving thoughts actions expressions

thankful thankful thankful
choosing the good spiritual pathway
accepting and embracing all happiness and joy

deeper and deeper and deeper

in the sanctuary

letting go all striving
letting go all striving
letting go all striving

trusting the universe
trusting the universe
trusting the universe

healed completely

accepting and embracing unlimited
love gifts blessings and abundance

recognize refrain
relax resolve

guru rinpoche
your holiness the dalai lama
we are one

jesus christ
we are one

all ascended lightning masters
we are one

i am open to the wisdom
light and love
of the ra group


accepting and embracing fearless
compassionate honesty
and self examination

don’t know anything
beginner’s mind

listening waiting
being still
being patient

mindful awake aware
curious inquisitive
paying attention
coming to know
my whole self

mindful mindful mindful

open mind
open heart
open to everything


not grasping
not holding

lightening up
enlightened already

faith in higher power

no ideas
no opinions
no beliefs

courage patience
and faith in god in great spirit

loving compassionate wise
gentle and kind
caring considerate thoughtful

accepting and embracing
the eternal now
yes to present moment
fleeting memories

accepting and embracing
mystery paradox
not knowing

accepting and embracing
healing recovery rebirth
awakening to original being
original nature
to god’s to great spirit’s divine presence
in all and everything

right choices
weighing the consequences
knowing i can never have
all the information
i need and desire
accepting the outcome

healing all wounds
paying all debts
keeping all promises

letting go
all hope of fruition

letting go
all anger
resentment and blame
letting go


the path
the steps
the sacred medicine place

hawk and crow

gnothi seauton
know thyself

god’s great spirit’s light and love
in all and everything

laughing and singing
rejoicing and cherishing

not judging

breathe in light
direct to heart
breathe out light
vast open heart
awakened heart
wounded heart
soft heart
loving heart
gentle heart
kind heart


ancient father
sacred warrior
with us now
all one

in the sky chair


as one
walk through
the lightning wall
and enter

the upper chamber
of the golden pyramid
over the open gemfilled sarcophagus
and through the crystal tip
of the pyramid
beams god’s great holy spirit’s universal light
we are one

unlimited abundance
unlimited abundance
unlimited abundance

spiritual alchemy
spiritual alchemy
spiritual alchemy


dear god o great universal spirit

we thank you thank you thank you
we love you and bless you

we thank you
for this beautiful day
for our lives
and for the opportunity
to grow in your love

we thank you for all
the gifts and blessings
you bestow upon us

we pray that you fill us
with the holy spirit
that we be pure channels
of your light and love
and truth and energy and blessings
uplifting and inspiring
all we come in contact with
comforting those who suffer
awakening all and everything
to your divine presence
in all and everything

dear god o great spirit
we pray that you bless
our love our marriage
we pray that you bless
our home
our beautiful treehouse apartment
we pray that you bless
our trucks and bicycles
our transportation
we pray that you bless
our creative work and our teachings
our poems stories songs and talks
we pray that you bless
us with abundant right livelihood income
from seen and unseen
known and unknown
expected and unexpected sources
from our creative work and our teachings
so we pay all our bills
all our debts
and live our dreams
we pray that you bless
our families friends allies guides and angels
seen and unseen
we pray that you bless
our enemies

dear god o great spirit
we pray that your will be done
in all and everything
this and every day
now and forevermore


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